Feature of aluminum forge

1 Defective goods are not generated easily.

The inner defect doesn't occur easily.

2 There is thinly strength.

Development of light, thin product.

3 It's environment friendly.

It's posible to recycle.
It contributes to lightening.

4 Excellent workability.

It can respond to the various product fields by employing the characteristic of an aluminum alloy efficiently.


Forged technology between precise heat helps to manufacturing about parts for the aircraft
..the suspension made of aluminum for the car and the wheel.. furthemore etc.
It's assumed that itis difficult to keep forged goods with in the range of a proper temperature
because the range of the aluminum base alloy of forged temperature is narrow. In Saitama Press
Forge Ltd., it takes pride inhigh technology that keeps the temperature change by forged
processing heat to various shape like flatness and the thin tpe, etc. I get the high appraisal from auto manufacturers and the thickness of the monotony part uniform.



Design development process supported by high technology.

Forged analysis.

It becomes very much whether it is not defective and the shape making is possible when anew,
forged parts are made a big problem.
Evaluating the defect problem of forged goods and the ascertainment of the turning on material by using the molding
analysis becomes possible. When molding is analyzed, it's possible to virtual
on the computer try by defining a material characterization and various molding conditions, etc. by using actual
metal mold 3D data. As a result, an actual molding is enabled by forecasting the part that trouble is found in prior
etc. ,and correcting 3D data again.

Scanning-data ⇔ 3D-data

・The comparison with metal mold scanning-data is executed based on metal mold 3D model data.
・Scanning-data of each type is matched to metal mold 3D model data and the amount ofthe gap is displayed by the color chart.
・The completion variation of tolerance to metal mold 3D model data of the representative part is displayed by the numerical value.


Forged analysis CAE ⇔ Metal mold design

Making to high strength in process control



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