Management Philosophy

It is the rich future in everybody.
  "Reliance" and "Satisfactory"  

Company Policy

 1 The product which a customer can trust is built with quality, a price, and time for delivery.

 2 Further strengthening of peculiar technology. An engineering development type company is aimed at.

 3 The company trusted by a customer, a stockholder, and the employee is aimed at.

Quality Policy

December,2001 Certification ISO9001:2000

May,2003 Certification QS-9000

December,2008 Certification ISO/TS16949;2002


Augast,2016 Intoroduction of CQI-9

 1 It is structure about the company trusted by the customer.

 2 Product structure supported on high technology.

 3 Satisfying place-of-work structure, person structure.

Environmental Policy

March,2006 Certification ECO-ACTION 21


In order to provide a customer with 100% of reliance, and satisfaction, global environmental
protection is also the duty which a company should achieve.

Based on a managemant concept, Saitama Press Forging Co.,ltd promotes offer and craftsmanship of an
environment-friendly article through aluminum, from saving resources and the viewpoint of energy saving,
defines an environmental plan and tackles the realization.

1 The purpose of environmental conservation activities is set up in the possible range technically economically, based on the
 environmental impact assessment by active conduct of business, while striving for saving resources, energy-saving green
 procurement, and recycling, the craftsmanship and transportation which considered environment also in a product and
 service are performed, and a continuous improvement is tackled.

2 The rules of the law concerning environmental preservation and the area and the indicator of the industry are observed,
 and it strives for prevention of environmental pollution.

3 A job Standard and an environmental preservation agreement are defined and it strives for the positive processing about
 which a customer and alocal resident can feel easy.

4 While putting up this environmental plan for each section, consciousness-raising to environment is planned to all
 the employees.


Saitama Press Forging Co.,ltd

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